About Us


Grand Rapids Chair is an American furniture manufacturer dedicated to creating high-quality chairs and tables for commercial foodservice spaces. Our goal with every product is to help elevate the overall dining experience for brands and their customers.

In our inception, our first major customer was a fast-food chain. Nearly twenty years later, we’re still serving large multi-unit restaurants across the country. We’re a second-generation family business that started in in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and still call West Michigan home today. Currently, more than 140 employees work in over 150,000 square-feet of manufacturing and administrative space.


We specialize in durable and quality products designed for high-traffic spaces. While many commercial furniture companies are racing overseas for products, we choose to build our products in Michigan, using high quality, local materials along with American engineering and manufacturing techniques. All products are tested to meet or exceed BIFMA standards and offer a 10 year warranty.


Our approach to creating quality and durable commercial furniture is unique; we are operationally excellent. Meaning, we balance cost, service requirements, and quality to meet the needs of each customer—in other words, it’s not a one-size-fits all approach.

We balance hand-crafted quality and aesthetics with fully automated machinery and processes. From working with designers on a custom product to producing large volumes with short lead times—our unique approach allows us to do both, and to do both well.


Sit happy is a reflection of our products, people, and culture. From first interaction, to sales order, to the customer sitting in our restaurant chair, our goal is to create quality and durable furniture that not only makes our customers happy, but their customers, too.