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What is Grand Rapids Chair Company?

Grand Rapids Chair Company is a restaurant and hospitality furniture company dedicated to making high-quality and design-forward products. We specialize in the design and creation of chairs, barstools, and tables for restaurants, but we know our products are also used in offices, hotels, universities, and retail spaces—and we love them all the same. We make the majority of our products in our Grand Rapids, Michigan, factory.

How did Grand Rapids Chair Company get started?

In 2001, owners and founders Dave and Jill Miller wanted to create their own line of restaurant chairs. From garage to full-fledged factory, their dream of creating their own brand came true. In 2012, Dave and Jill’s son, Geoff, took over. We’re still making restaurant furniture for brands big and small.

Working with industrial designers, we’ve continually pushed the envelope on what design can mean in restaurants. We don’t skimp on quality. Most of our products are BIFMA tested and have a 10-year warranty—the longest in the business. Afterall, life’s too short to sit on ugly (and flimsy) restaurant furniture.

Where can I see your literature?

We’re flattered! Please feel free to download any of our existing literature on our Resources page or email our literature department at to get started. Our literature is meant to inspire and express our furniture in unique and interesting ways. For that super-detailed product information, you can get that on our product pages.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

Please click here and follow the instructions.

Who designs your products?

We enlist the help of super creative designers from all over the world to design our products. From there, our talented team of engineers and manufacturing experts take the sketches and bring them to life.

How do I order your products?

Our expert customer service team is standing by with answers, advice, and information. Please send your order to

Additionally, we also have nearly 100 independent reps throughout the United States ready to assist you with product samples, order entry help, and installation. Check out our Rep Finder to get in touch with our sales team today.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

A clean planet is very important to us. That’s why we take steps to use as many local suppliers and materials to build our products. For example, all of the wood used in our solid wood tables comes from sustainably harvested Midwestern forests. Plus, by working with suppliers in our own backyard, we reduce complicated logistics. Here are a few more ways we reduce our environmental footprint:

  • We use steel that contains up to 30% of recycled content
  • 100% of our internally generated steel and aluminum scrap are recycled
  • 100% of our scrap wood is recycled
  • 100% of our shipping skids, cardboard, and paper are recycled

Where do I send C.O.M.?

We’re happy to honor your C.O.M. request, but because we can’t schedule your order until we know when your C.O.M. will arrive at our facility. We ask that you please complete this form. This will help us get your order out on time. Please send your C.O.M. two weeks prior to the ship date of your order. For TON items, like Merano products and Bentwoods, we will need the form even sooner. Please contact Customer Service at for our TON fabric and C.O.M. policy.

Ship to Address

1250 84th Street SW

Byron Center, MI 49315

Shipping Contact

Shipping Days/Hours

M-F, 7:30am-5:00pm

What is your upholstery policy?

Our C.O.M. program gives you the ability to use nearly any upholstery material you desire. We do not have a fabric program currently, but we do work with major mills to provide pricing that is graded in to our Price List. Find those mills and their pricing on our Resources page. For a full look at our C.O.M. and C.O.L. (Customer's Own Material and Customer’s Own Leather) policy, please download our Price List.

Contact & Visit

Grand Rapids Chair Co. Customer Service

Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm EST
Phone: 616.774.0561

Midwest Showroom

Grand Rapids Chair Co.
1250 84th Street SW
Byron Center, MI 49315

Southeast Showroom

AmericasMart Building #1
240 Peachtree St. NW
5th Floor, Showroom 5-C-1
Atlanta, GA 30303


We do everything we can to ensure your product is shipped on time and meets your quality expectations. Because we are made to order, once production has begun, it's very difficult to hold orders for extended delivery. It is the customer’s responsibility to accept and store the furniture if there is an installation delay. Grand Rapids Chair Co. will not be responsible or liable for damages whether incidental, consequential, or otherwise for failure to fill orders, delays in delivery, or any error in filling the order.

Where do we deliver?

We ship to all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Freight Map

How to calculate freight

Freight charges are calculated as a percentage of total List Price (not net). If your order exceeds $15,000 List Price, please contact customer service for a quote, as the map may not apply for larger orders. Minimum freight charges vary based on location, see explanation below.

Take your total List Price and multiply by the Freight Multiplier by the Zone the product is shipping into. This will give you the freight charge for your order. If this calculated rate does not meet the Minimum Freight Charge (shown above), charges will be applied. Please defer to Minimum Fright Multiplier by Zone for your freight charge.

For example, if a customer orders one chair and the List Price is $400 and the product is shipping to Michigan, the calculated rate using the chart would be ($400*3% or 400*.03). This equals $12, which is below the minimum charge of $180. The minimum charge of $180 would then be added to the total order.

For assistance or to submit a request for quote, please call 616.774.0561 or email The freight map calculator does not apply to communal-style tables and benches. These products include the Dylan Communal Tables and Dylan Benches. For these products, please call for freight quote.

High Cost Delivery Areas RFQ (request for quote)

  • Boston, MA
  • Brookline, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • New York City, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Additional Shipping Services & Charges

Additional shipping services must be quoted by customer service in addition to standard freight charges. Any services added after the shipment leaves our dock will also be subject to additional fees. Some charges include:

  • Blanket wrapping
  • Cross border fee (into Canada, Mexico)
  • Lift gate charge (FedEx Charge)
  • Limited access
  • Residential delivery

Additional Shipping Services & Charges

Our products are shipped using the NMFC #80580 and classified by density per the general guidelines noted below:


Assembled Wood Chairs
Aluminum Chairs
Steel Chairs
Counter Seats
Tables and Bases

Freight Classifications

Class #250
Class #300
Class #250
Class #250
Class #70

Freight quotes are valid for 30 days and are subject to change prior to shipment.

How long will it take to receive my order?

As an American manufacturer, most of our products are made to order. Since each order is unique, our lead times can run as short at 2 weeks and up to 13 weeks depending on the product. Typically, most orders have an average lead time of 4-6 weeks. Lead times will vary by product, so for specific lead time information, please refer to our Lead Time Report, located on the Resources page of our website. The Lead Time Report is updated weekly. Keep in mind, lead time does not include transit time.

For customers that need products quickly, we do offer a few quick ship products. These will be clearly labeled in the Price List and on the individual product pages. Quick ship items are designed to ship in two weeks or less. For more information about our quick ship products, please contact us at or 616.774.0561.

Expedited shipping

Special requests for expedited shipping can be honored if possible. For more information about expedited shipping, please contact us at or 616.774.0561.

Order status

To get an update on your order, please contact your customer service account manager or call 616.774.0561.

Remote or metropolitan areas

Whether we’re delivering to remote land or smack dab in the city center, we do everything we can get deliver your products in a timely manner. Keep in mind, if the place of business we are delivering to is in one of these types of areas, there may be delays. Let us know as much information as possible regarding the delivery location ahead of time and we will work with you to stay on time and on track.

Holding & warehouse fees

Grand Rapids Chair Co. will hold an order at no charge for up to 15 days after the original scheduled ship date. Any order beyond that time will be subject to charges of $40 per pallet per month. For orders with 10 pallets or more, a minimum $500 charge will apply per month. A partial month is considered one month.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Credit card payments must be emailed or faxed. We do not accept payment over the phone, nor do we keep credit card numbers on file. We also accept checks and wire transfers. Additional charges may apply. All orders are billed in US Dollars.

New accounts

To expedite the credit approval process, please fill out a credit application that can be furnished to you by calling 616.774.0561. Please allow up to 30 days to process a credit application.

Minimum orders

For orders with fewer than five tables, there is a $250.00 net charge.


We will invoice the sales tax on a separate line item. Taxes are never included in the price.

Do you offer online promotions?

Not at the moment! Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch with all things Grand Rapids Chair Company.

Changes, Cancellations & Returns


Any change to your order must be submitted to customer service in written form. If changes are accepted and require alterations to items such as drawings, materials, quantities, dates of performance or design of the part, units, tools, or fixtures, Grand Rapids Chair Company has the right to increase cost. In order to avoid that, let customer service know as soon as you can regarding changes—we are here to help!


All orders are considered firm. Any cancellation or change is subject to our approval, and will result in an order cancellation fee including all applicable costs.


Merchandise cannot be returned for credit without an approved return material authorization. The nature of our customized products inhibits most return requests, but for those items that can be returned, a restocking fee of 15% will be assessed for all Items.


Please inspect your purchase immediately upon receipt. While we do our best to design and package products for safe delivery, sometimes damages occur. Visible freight damage should be noted on the freight bill prior to taking receipt of the orders. Concealed damage claims must be filed within 5 days of receipt of shipment. C.O.D. shipments are subject to the freight carrier’s fees for C.O.D. shipments.

Please save all of your paperwork and packaging materials and contact us immediately at or 616.774.0561 to arrange for a replacement to be sent to you.

Missing parts

If you are missing parts, we will make it right and replace them. Please contact us at or 616.774.0561 to receive the necessary parts.

Product Care

Wood Seating

Cleaning Product: A solution of liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water.

How To Use: Apply solution. Wipe with clean, soft cloth. Always leave furniture dry.

Tip: Avoid using any citrus-based products on wood chairs and tables. The citrus acts as a stain or finish stripper on wood products.

Metal Seating

Cleaning Product: A non-abrasive household cleaner like Formula 409®, Fantastik®, Windex®, or diluted SimpleGreen®. Mild soap and warm water is fine, too.

How To Use: Spray household cleaner solution. Wipe dry with clean, soft cloth.

Tip: Never let cleaning or disinfecting products dry onto the furniture surface. This can weaken and damage the epoxy finish leading to chips and scratches.

Solid Wood Table Tops

Cleaning Product: A mild soap or liquid dishwashing detergent with warm water.

How To Use: Apply solution. Wipe with clean, soft cloth. Always leave furniture dry.

Tip: Again, avoid citrus-based solutions for solid wood tables and chairs. If your company would like to use a particular disinfectant or cleaning solution, please contact our staff and our engineering team will do some testing.

Laminate Tops

Cleaning Product: Household cleaners and like Formula 409®, Fantastik®, Windex®, or diluted SimpleGreen®.

How To Use: Spray onto surface. Wipe dry with clean, soft cloth.

Tip: Laminate is a hardy product, so for stubborn stains, a soft bristle brush with light scrubbing is acceptable.

Table Edges (Wood & Vinyl)

Cleaning Product: A solution of dishwashing detergent and warm water.

How To Use: Apply solution with clean, soft cloth. Wipe dry with clean, soft cloth.

Tip: These two edges are vastly different in material and properties. To ensure minimal damage and maximum clean, opt for the safe route: mild, soapy water with a clean cloth.


For information on cleaning upholstery, check out any of our fabulous fabric partners for their expert guides and advice on cleaning specific types of fabric, leather, vinyl, etc. Remember, not all fabrics are equal and certain materials will require different cleaning techniques and products. Always follow the fabric manufacturers' cleaning instructions.

Here are some general cleaning tips:

  • Stay away from abrasive cleaners and products (sandpaper, hard bristle brushes, etc.)
  • Never leave a wet cleaning substance on furniture to dry; it can damage the finish. Always wipe residue off with clean, dry cloth.
  • When in doubt, use warm soapy water and a clean cloth.
  • Test inconspicuous areas first (especially on solid wood and upholstery).
  • Tighten and examine screws every month.
  • Any products showing defects should be taken out of service and reported to the factory.


Wood Chairs: One year free from defects and workmanship; 10 years structural integrity

Metal Chairs: One year free from defects and workmanship; 10 years structural integrity

  • Outdoor Chairs and Tables: One year free from defects and workmanship; 3 years structural integrity
  • Tables: One year free from defects and workmanship; 10 years structural integrity
  • Fabric: Subject to the warranty of the textile company
  • Laminate Tables: Subject to the warranty of the laminate company

Download our comprehensive warranty here.


From custom colors to a completely original design, we take great pride in working collaboratively with our clients to create the perfect custom chair, barstool, or table. For simple changes to standard products, we offer a few personalization options. These include:

  • Expanded color palette or custom color match on most of our products including metal seating, bases, or even wood chairs
  • Engravings on solid wood tables or seating
  • Custom cut-outs on wood or metal seating
  • Distressed finishes on solid wood tables or seating

Looking for more of a custom product? Please contact to get started.

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