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T-Mobile, Cafeteria Hub - Renovation to Office Buildings

Design by PerspectiveArchitecture+Design — Photography by Nate Sheets


Sadie II ChairT-Mobile, Hub Cafeteria, Overland Park, Kansas

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Revitalizing the Phoenix Skyline — A Collaborative Interior Design Journey at the Punchcard Building

Collaborative Design — Photography by Leland Gebhardt

Frankie Bar Table paired with the Ferdinand Barstool was incorporated in the break rooms of the revitalized 18th floor of the Punchcard Building in Midtown Phoenix. The duo creates a hospitality-inspired atmosphere in a corporate office environment.


Frankie Bar Table The Punchcard Building, Phoenix, AZ

A Scandinavian Inspired Haven for Community and Travelers Alike

Design by Studio Grey — Photography by Kory Kevin Reckinger

To align with their Scandinavian-inspired design theme, the Roises opted for the Ferdinand Chairs. These dining chairs, designed by the Norwegian duo Gridy, possess a sleek Nordic essence while harnessing the robust industrial craftsmanship of American production, seamlessly harmonizing with the overarching design ethos. For communal interactions and gatherings, the Brady Communal Table took the spotlight, offering a capacious surface conducive to fostering a sense of togetherness. Meanwhile, the Andy Lounge Chair took its place in cozy nooks, setting the scene for intimate conversations or moments of solace.


Ferdinand BarstoolGetaway Motor Cafe, Carver, MN

An Atlanta Resimerical Office Space at the Intersection of Industrial and Modern Design

Design by Studio Giana — Photography by Brittany Wages

Nestled among Victorian homes, this industrial space is a refreshing change for a personal injury lawyer. Collaborating with design firm, Studio Giana, a once-residential loft in Atlanta has been reimagined into a vibrant commercial work haven. The Sadie II Outdoor Barstool is a sleek steel creation that effortlessly melds industrial aesthetics with refined minimalism, all wrapped in a harmonious monochromatic palette. Placed in the break room, it perfectly captures Giana's creative vision for the project. Alongside the Sadie II Outdoor Barstool sits the Harper A-Frame Chair, offering a delightful contrast.


Harper A-Frame Chair and Sadie II Outdoor BarstoolCommercial Law Office, Atlanta, GA

Sparking Joy with Pasta & Pizza — A Delicious Way to Build a Community

Design by Via Design — Dean Van Dis

In the physical dining experience, the Michigan-made Grand Rapids Chair furniture takes center stage. The Brooke Counter Stool and Frankie Bar Table create synergy — featuring gentle curves and edges, the pairing echoes the architectural details in the space. With personalized finishes, the pieces seamlessly integrate with the overall material choices of the space, featuring natural maple wood and metal finishes with an underlying green tone that subtly ties in with the emerald green accent walls and plant-filled surroundings.


Brooke Stool and Frankie Bar TableMyrth, Ada, MI

The Perfect Blend of Coffee and Literature

Design by Christian Dean Architecture — Photography by Chad Holder

The team at Christian Dean has skillfully crafted a space that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics which makes the latest addition to FRGMNT Coffee an unparalleled destination. Among the carefully chosen pieces was the Alfred Barstool, with its subtly pointed silhouette, and layered upholstery details reminiscent of an open book, which added a touch of playful charm.


Alfred BarstoolsFRGMNT Coffee, Minneapolis, MN

A Contemporary Renovation Rooted in the History of the Pacific Northwest

Design by By Three Interior Design — Ryan Vesely

The United Building in Spokane, WA, is a historic meets modern food hall blending nostalgia with modernity. It houses diverse businesses, including a board game shop, toy store, restaurant, coffee shop, and more notably, Bellwether Brewing. For By Three Design, integrating harmonizing elements was pivotal. Contributing to a classic and contemporary aesthetic in the space was the Sadie II Chair


Sadie II ChairsBellwether Brewing, Spokane, WA

A Scandinavian Inspired Haven for Community and Travelers Alike

Design by Studio Grey — Photography by Kory Kevin Reckinger

Part of what makes Getaway Motor Café even more unique is its connection to Riverside Getaway, a charming two-bedroom Airbnb above the cafe that captures the essence of the historic building while providing modern comforts. Studio Grey seamlessly integrated elements that make this Airbnb a true retreat. From spacious living areas to cozy nooks for working or relaxing, every aspect was considered. With Scandinavian design principles echoing throughout, the Airbnb provides a tranquil retreat for travelers looking to immerse themselves in picturesque surroundings. The Andy Lounge Chair took its place in cozy nooks, setting the scene for comfortable moments of solace.


Andy Lounge ChairRiverside Getaway - Airbnb, Carver, MN

The Perfect Blend of Coffee and Literature

Design by Christian Dean Architecture — Photography by Chad Holder

The team at Christian Dean has skillfully crafted a space that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics which makes the latest addition to FRGMNT Coffee an unparalleled destination.  Among the carefully chosen pieces was the Orbit Table paired with the Sadie II Chair, featuring a wooden seat and back combined with a Cement Grey powdercoat frame that elegantly echoed the palette of the central counter.


Sadie II Chairs with Orbit TablesFRGMNT Coffee, Minneapolis, MN

From Sea to Shining SeaGrille — Revitalizing an Island Favorite

Design by Arkay Leliever

A local and seasonal favorite in Nantucket, Massachusetts has just gotten a facelift — SeaGrille has long been a beloved culinary gem known for its local and seasonal seafood delights.  The main dining room exudes a sense of warmth and elegance, enhanced by the addition of our Sigsbee Chairs and Barstools with an upholstered seat and back. 


Upholstered Sigsbee BarstoolSeaGrille, Nantucket, MA

A Saucy Take on Italy Meets California in Midtown, Detroit

Design by Parini — Linea Photo

With a modern Italian-inspired menu, and a mid-century inspired space, this restaurant promises a unique and unforgettable experience.  The Mad Nice project team selected the Sally Freestanding Stool and Alfred Seating, both of which perfectly complemented the overall design aesthetic.


Alfred BarstoolsMad Nice, Detroit, MI

Sparking Joy with Pasta & Pizza — A Delicious Way to Build a Community

Design by Via Design — Photography by Dean Van Dis

The concept behind the Myrth space was inspired by the essence of "Mirth", radiating a jovial, lighthearted, and humorous atmosphere, which profoundly influenced the design process of the restaurant.  The Brooke and Sherman chairs, featuring gentle curves and edges, echo the architectural details in the space and complement the overarching restaurant concept.


Sigsbee Chairs with Spartan Pedestal TablesMyrth, Ada, MI

An Optometry Clinic that is a Sight for Sore Eyes

Best by Best Practice Architecture — Rafael Soldi

One of Seattle's favorite optical shops has opened the doors of its second location, which aims to bring a lively and inviting atmosphere.  Playful design details like the Ferdinand Chairs help to reimagining what an eye care clinic can be by creating a unique environment that merges the clinical aspects with a boutique-like experience.


Ferdinand ChairsEye Eye Care, Seattle, WA

On a Roll — Human Connection through Sustainable Sushi

When launching the 20th Blue Sushi location, owner Tom Allisma envisioned recreating an outdoor garden — but indoors! The second floor of the restaurant is where the vision comes to life with statement features like a substantial 24'x10' skylight that sheds natural light over Bowen Pedestal Tables and Opla barstools.


Bowen Pedestal Tables & Opla BarstoolsBlue Sushi Sake Grill, Kansas City, MO

Alfred Barstool

Design by Pophouse — Photography by John D'Angelo

Rocket Mortgage’s marketing team is always on the cutting edge, so they had to have a space that would support their innovative communication, collaboration, and creativity. This office space designed by Pophouse is bringing vintage Mad Men glamour into the 2020s. With sleek luxurious materials from vintage brass to elegant marble, this counterspace is the perfect spot to sit in one of our Alfred Stools, which feature comfortable seats made with layered upholstery on a strong steel frame.


Alfred BarstoolRocket Mortgage, Detroit, MI

Leo Chair

Designed By Stacy Whitworth

Neon colors, modern furniture, and an actual indoor slide make Electric FeelGood one of Austin's most memorable bars.  Leo chairs featured.


Leo ChairElectric FeelGood, Austin, TX

Classic New York Burger Joint — With a Modern Spin

Design by Garrett Singer Architecture & Design — Luke Piotrowski

PLNT Burger founder and celebrity chef, Spike Mendelson, teamed up with Garrett Singer Architecture & Design to create an uplifting dining experience where retro meets modern.  The Half Hurdle Chair in RAL 4007 metal finish that aligns with PLNT Burger branding is playfully minimal yet designed to withstanding a commercial environment. 


Half Hurdle Chairs PLNT Burger, New York City, NY

Sigsbee Chair

Mendil + Meyer

When Mendil + Meyer design studio first sat down with award winning chef Rochelle Daniel, she brought them a stunning vision of a restaurant called Atria.  She imagined a space that evoked the feeling of an atrium: airy, bursting with plant life, and full of light.  Today, the open kitchen now offers customers a front row seat where they can watch their fresh, local, and seasonal picks from the menu be expertly cooked and plated.


Sigsbee ChairAtria, Flagstaff, AZ

Full Hurdle Chair

This cool and modern coffee shop inspired office gives employees and visitors a bright communal space to work, connect, and celebrate design together over fresh espresso. The company, Ugmonk, is a minimalist design company crafting artful and functional objects such as office accessories, organizational tools, and notebooks, with premium materials.


Full Hurdle ChairUgmonk, Downingtown, PA

Reece Barstool

Designed by Square Feet Design

The coolest restaurant in Atlanta is not a restaurant. In fact, it’s a small 14-seat stall in Atlanta’s hot Krog Street Market called Recess. Recess serves up veggie forward dishes and a healthy dose of design. Pink and navy Reece Barstools pop against the blue bar while colorful custom pop art makes the perfect backdrop.


Reece Barstool Recess At Krog Street Market, Atlanta, GA

Opla Outdoor Chair

Azotea Cantina Atlanta A+D Design Studio

Azotea Cantina has brought a lively and modern Mexico City street atmosphere right into Midtown Atlanta with two floors of space for food, friends, and fun! Alejandra Dunphy (A-D) Design Studio, Fernando Garcia of FG Architecture, and owner Diego Velasquez teamed up with David Chiem at Office Creations to create an artfully designed restaurant, featuring bold murals, wide garage doors, a stunning rooftop patio, and an abundance of seating indoors and outdoors.


Opla Outdoor ChairAzotea Cantina, Atlanta, GA

Half Hurdle Chair

Designed by One Design Office

Merah, a new Malaysian street-food restaurant in Melbourne, pairs traditional rattan wall coverings with tropical pinks and banana leaf greens as a nod to its Malaysian roots. Hurdle Chairs, designed by the Aussie group Dowel Jones, and modern architectural lines create a successfully minimal, yet meaningful space.


Half Hurdle ChairMerah, Northcote, Australia

Sadie II Barstools

Design by 555 International —

Fat Rosie's is designed as a "spirited escape" that transports visitors to a resort-style environment that is colorful, authentic, and fun. The designers incorporated different expressions of color into the space, including the Sadie II Barstool, which adds a burst of color to the casual dining area.


Sadie II Barstools Fat Rosie's Taco and Tequila Bar, Naperville, IL

Half Hurdle Chairs & Hurdle Stools

Designed by

Burger 99 is a retro-inspired diner heavily influenced LA's streetwear scene. The interior balances minimalism with a sense of nostalgia. The modern restaurant chairs and stools are finished in a vibrant sky blue and complimented by the white oak seats. A must visit space with amazing food! 


Half Hurdle ChairsBurger 99, Los Angeles, CA

Hula Outdoor Chair

Designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

We would love to be sitting on the patio at De Gama designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture right now, with its bright yellow commercial outdoor chairs and clean white tables, decorated with lush potted plants and a view of the park. 

You can read all about the space here.


Hula ChairDe Gama, Houston, TX

Sir Burly

Designed by Studio-Gram

With room for almost 200 diners, the third location of Melt is by far their largest yet. Situated in a laid-back coastal suburb of Henley, this restaurant features stunning seaside views and a muted palette of colors and textures. Designers Studio-Gram drew inspiration from the sea and sand to create an atmosphere that invites customers to relax and enjoy, successfully achieving a contemporary, beachy interior.


Half Hurdle Barstool and Sir Burly BarstoolMelt, Australia

Reece Chairs

Designed by Antunovich Associates

Designers, Antunovich Associates, created this luxury apartment space for students attending Georgia Tech, which is just across the street. With ample lounge spaces, a pool, a gym, a jumbotron, a game room, and more, this space has everything a college student needs and more wrapped in an elegant and modern design.

It also features our Reece Stools.


Reece ChairHERE Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Sherman Chair

Designed By Collected Interior Design

Sun kissed and vibrant, Boss Rambler Beer Club is unlike any other brewery we've seen to date. Colorful furniture pops against the white ship-lapped walls and natural wood floors. Sherman Chairs, Sherman Barstools, Brady Backless Barstools and Orbit tables are featured. 


Sherman CollectionBoss Rambler Beer Club, Bend, OR

Merano Stools

Designed by Cheatham Fletcher Scott

This office space at the Meybohm Building was designed by Cheatham Fletcher Scott Architects. These Merano stools are the perfect place to get some work done or enjoy a quick lunch. With a great view of a wide green space in the plaza, this is such an ideal location for an office. 


Merano StoolThe Meybohm Building, Atlanta, GA

Ferdinand Barstool

Designed By Blochaus

This gorgeous Chicago restaurant is serving classic Thai dishes in a super modern setting. With sleek black Ferdinand Chairs and barstools, this bar under a skylight is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail and a bite to eat.


FerdinandNoble Thai, Chicago, IL

Harper A-Frame Chair, Fully Upholstered

Designed by Gray Skies Distillery

Grey Skies Distillery tasting room features a sophisticated, industrial-inspired design. To achieve a hand-built, time-worn space, they chose classic materials, upholstered booths, and a neutral yet rich color palette of rust, grays, whites, and black. Rich camel-colored leather Harper barstools and chairs line the bar and dining space. The leather adds a cozy, lived-in feel while the quartz pedestal tables and mid-century-inspired Andy table keep things sleek.

See the entire space here.


Harper A-Frame ChairGray Skies Distillery, Grand Rapids, MI

Hugh Chair

Designed by B. Berry Interiors

Traditional restaurant design is often synonymous with dark woodwork or boring, muted color palettes. While this restaurant's color palette is muted, it’s anything but boring. Buff, earthy tones and barely-there blues and grays act as an elegant counterpoint to the rustic wood floors and tables. Classic furniture, like our Hugh chairs, get a fresh treatment with cerulean finishes. Traditional design, done right. 

See the entire space here


Hugh ChairThe Royal Tern, Charleston, SC

Sherman Chairs

Designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

This Houston canteen’s colorful and earthy interior is begging to be posted to your Instagram. da Gama Canteen blends Indian and Portuguese influences with a local Houston flair to create a dining experience that can’t be missed. 

This space also features the Frankie Bar Height Communal Table and Sherman Barstools


Sherman Chairs, Frankie Communal TablesDe Gama, Houston, TX

Brooke Chair

Designed by Patrick Thompson Design

Patrick Thompson Design set out to create a restaurant that felt familiar, elevated, and authentic. The materials seen throughout this space are a mix of muted tones and soft linear textures intended to stand the test of time. The furniture blurs the line between modern and nostalgic. 

It also features our Sadie Chairs and Barstools


Brooke ChairFriend & Associates, Detroit, MI

Reece Chairs & Stools

Designed By Studio BBA, Photography by F Jason Campbell

A modern office cafeteria with colorful chairs and stools pop against the neutral surroundings. White oak table tops with a knife edge add warmth to the space.  


Reece Chairs, Stools & Rambo Cafe Tables Lightstep, San Francisco, CA

Sir Burly Stool

Designed by Rapt Studio

Designed by Rapt Studios, this financial company's office space is not your traditional stuffy office. With wide open concepts and tons of natural light, walking into the Happy Money office is like a breath of fresh air. 


Sir Burly StoolHappy Money, Los Angeles, CA

Full Hurdle Chair

Designed by Dune House Creative


Full Hurdle ChairThe Getaway, Ohio

Brady Chairs

Designed by Gensler

Designers wanted to create a warm, inviting place with bold, sunny colors and natural materials. Bright yellow Brady chairs and custom-engraved table tops take the brand beyond the walls and packaging to create a modern space that reflects the diversity of the communities Everytable serves.


Brady ChairEverytable, Los Angeles, CA