Outfit welcoming spaces that entice people to gather 

Alfred Chairs in hospitality space.

Making a good first impression is critical in the hospitality business. And nothing is more important to a first impression than the spaces in the hotel that greet you on the ground floor—the lounge, the café, the restaurant. Many hospitality groups are transforming these bland, underutilized places into lively, multi-functional social hubs.  

The most successful designs offer a variety of spaces where people can mingle in open-plan bars, grab a coffee, or enjoy a casual brunch. Work happens, too, in settings where people touch down to check emails or host impromptu meetings. At Grand Rapids Chair, our versatile portfolio includes seating and table options that enhance the vibe in social zones and provide the comfort and support needed for work.  

Alongside hotels, arenas are working to create world-class sports and entertainment destinations. As a leading commercial furniture manufacturer, we offer comprehensive options to outfit private suites, lounges, bars, and dining areas with furnishings that blend high-end materials, modern aesthetics, and durability. This is just another example of how our diverse array of furniture are helping designers create welcoming spaces that bring people together.