Upholstery and Laminate Partners

Explore our graded-in surface materials partners.

Upholstery Partners

We’ve teamed up with the best fabric mills and suppliers in the industry to offer you easy access to high-performance textiles at an affordable price point.

Here are links to our graded-in partners, but we work with all major mills and distributors.

Please contact our fabrics suppliers for samples.

Please note, Leaf, Bentwood, and Merano fabrics can be found in the Price List.

Laminate Partners

You can specify a laminate on any of our standard table tops and even a few of our chairs. The durability, the price point, and the consistency make this a great option for a lot of high-use, high-design spaces.

Standard table laminates would be any Wilsonart product ending in -38 or -60 finish or any Formica ending in -58 or -43 finish.

Here are links to our laminate suppliers.