Higher Education

Transform the campus into a competitive advantage

Reece chairs in college dining space.

With so many options for higher education, it’s difficult for universities to stand out. That’s why many institutions are using their campus spaces as a tool to attract new students. This includes high-end amenities, design-forward furnishings, and plenty of places for students to connect and socialize.  

Many universities today are prioritizing spaces that foster the type of socializing that happens outside the traditional classroom—student commons, resident halls, libraries, dining halls, and more. Even in-between spaces, such as the hallways that connect classrooms, present great opportunities for students to stop and chat on their way to class. All of these spaces become incredibly enticing when outfitted with furnishings and décor that are fun, lively, and memorable, providing an escape from the stresses of daily life. 

At Grand Rapids Chair, we specialize in furniture for spaces that nourish people with a sense of belonging and well-being. Our diverse portfolio gives designers the seating and table options they need to create a sense of warmth and welcome and connect students and faculty with a shared sense of place.