Connect people through diverse social hubs

We all know working at home is fantastic, and people need a good reason to forgo working in pajamas. In our experience, connecting with colleagues is a huge draw. People desire human connections and want to have that sense of belonging they miss out on at home. But they don’t want to sacrifice flexibility, comfort, and control.

This is one reason why shared spaces in the office are more important than ever. When designed to foster community and nurture authentic connections, social and communal spaces help people build trust, transfer knowledge and improve well-being. When infused with hospitality-inspired design, they become comfortable and welcoming destinations where people want to go.

Grand Rapids Chair products have gained the trust of commercial designers, making our chairs and tables a staple in office and corporate environments that feel more like curated, hospitality-inspired destinations. From multifunctional work cafes to social hubs, casual meeting spots, and outdoor settings, our furniture is versatile enough to outfit various gathering spaces designed to entice people back to the office.