Create memorable dining spaces that nourish and inspire

Ferdinand chairs in restaurant.

Dining out should be nourishing. And we just don’t mean the food. More than ever, guests seek unique and memorable experiences that feel personal, fun, and inspiring. That means everything from the food and service to the design and furniture should offer something extra.

When it comes to restaurant furniture with “a little something extra,” think of Grand Rapids Chair as your go-to partner. Over the years, we’ve cultivated deep expertise in creating furniture designs that balance aesthetics, functionality, and personalization.

At Grand Rapids Chair, any restaurant, no matter the budget, has the potential to be a creative space. With our portfolio of design-forward furniture and easy-to-customize material choices, you can create a well-designed destination where guests want to linger and return. Our furniture is also designed for durability, with easy-to-clean and long-lasting materials and finishes. That’s why restaurateurs love us, too!