Our Services

We created a service program to help you implement and manage your furniture.

Product Consultation

Finding the right chair or table that matches your unique brand can be difficult.  Luckily, with hundreds of options to choose from, we'll spend time understanding your needs and then recommend products that ensure that your brand standards are upheld and budgets are met.

Value Engineering

Refining a product for performance and cost is a natural part of its lifecycle. We have a dedicated team of engineers on staff to help achieve the price and performance goals that your brand demands.

Test Store Support

We'll work with your design team to bring your brand to life. From simple engravings to completely custom chairs. This iterative process will help finalize furniture specifications and provide a prototype of the final design.

Design, Sampling & Prototypes

Commitment is scary. In an effort to support image refresh initiatives or new store concepts, we will produce samples of your specifications so that you can gather feedback and usage information before setting anything in stone.

Stocking & Inventory Management

Working alongside your team, we'll create forecasts and schedules far in advance of your store opening to guarantee on time deliveries and stress-free openings.

Expansion Support

As you grow, we want to support you. We do that by implementing your new designs, refining product specifications, and even adding a cell to our manufacturing plant specifically for your products.