6 Stacking Chairs for Every Kind of Space

When space is at a premium, look no further than our favorite stacking chairs.

By GR Chair

Sherman Chairs in restaurant setting

When space is at a premium, look no further than a stacking chair. These practical perches not only offer space saving solutions but are also more economical to ship and store. Here are six stacking chairs that are big on design, but perfect for spaces that, well, lack just that.

1. Hula Chair

Designed for the outdoors, but equally at home inside, the Hula chair’s seat and back features breezy perforated steel. Like its namesake, this indoor-outdoor collection features a circular steel back that’s reminiscent of a Hula Hoop. Stacking capabilities: 4 high

2. Sherman

Sherman was designed to be everything you want in a stacking chair: affordable, durable, and versatile. With a simple slated wood back and steel frame and legs, Sherman is ideal for high traffic spaces like cafes, restaurants, coworking spaces, and even offices. Stacking capabilities: 3 high

Sherman chairs stacked three high.
Felix Jr. with white shell and red legs.

3. Felix Jr. Chair

With its mixed material and modern shell shape, Felix Jr. works in cafeterias and fast casual restaurants alike.  Stacking capabilities: 5 high

4. Reece Chair

Inspired by mid-century factory chairs, Reece was destined to be a utilitarian chair. Along with stacking capabilities, this chair can also be specified in wood or laminate and has a nifty steel handle for easy maneuvering. Stacking capabilities: 4 high

Collection of Reese chairs.

5. Harper A-Frame Chair

The simple shell chair gets an update with the addition of a-frame legs. Like Reece, the Harper can be specified in wood or laminate. For a sleek look, we like Harper in an all-black laminate shell with glossy ink black legs. Stacking capabilities: 4 high

6. Merano Chair

Perhaps our prettiest stacker, the all-wood Merano chair boasts modern lines and a striking silhouette. It’s one of our technically most advanced products, built with minimal screws and metal pieces, making Merano incredibly lightweight. Stacking capabilities: 4 high

Stack of multi colored Merano chairs.