7 Communal Working Spaces We Love

From industrial to cozy, explore the range of modern options for your next communal office space.

By GR Chair

Row of Sir Burly Barstools with yellow base.

There's no reason a workspace shouldn't be gorgeous. We spend so much time at the office, so why not make them as stylish as they are functional? From industrial to cozy, the range of modern options for your communal office areas is huge. We've gathered seven communal work spaces we'd love to work in for your viewing pleasure. Grab your coffee and your team, and let's get to work.

1. Aimbridge Hospitality

This hotel and resort management company's office has this super stylish break room complete with a whole pool table!  With lots of space to sit and enjoy lunch, employees at Aimbridge have the perfect area in which to work hard and play hard. The industrial vibes are softened with the natural wood of the chairs and tables, as well as the leafy green plants placed against the wall. And that "work play, play work" light up sign is such a fun bit of wall décor. We would love to start a game of pool over lunch with a coworker or two at this spot in the Aimbridge office!

Sir Burly Barstools, Photography by Madeline Tolle

2. Happy Money

Designed by Rapt Studios, this financial company's office space is not your traditional stuffy office. With wide open concepts and tons of natural light, walking into the Happy Money office is like a breath of fresh air. In fact, there's even garage doors that open up the office for that indoor/outdoor feel, so you really are getting fresh air. With bold wall art and brightly colored mobiles, this space has a childlike whimsy to it that is filled with energy, but if you need a little extra pep in your step, this coffee bar in the image above is the perfect spot to get it.

Alfred Barstools, Photography by Service Express

3. Service Express

Service Express's new headquarters, designed by Progressive AE, is state of the art and perfectly flexible for this new era brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Equipped with movable partitions, spaces of all sizes, and many types of seating from couches to your standard office chairs, any type of meeting can be accommodated. Service Express also emphasized sustainability in their design, using automated LED lighting, installing a dishwasher to decrease reliance single use cups and plates, and partnering with local vendors, like us here at Grand Rapids Chair, to reduce their carbon footprint. If you'd like to read more about this space, we have a full blog post centered on this high tech office.

4. Showpad

Who doesn't love an office with a VIEW. Showpad is a sales software company increasing sales productivity for businesses all over the world. As they grew, they realized they needed a bigger space. East Lake Studios designed this gorgeous Chicago suite that spreads across a whole floor of the building with a perfect view of Lake Michigan. Employees can take a break and chat casually with coworkers in this relaxed space complete with modern lounge chairs and picnic style tables. There's also a café for all your coffee needs, and gaming areas so you can have a bit of fun when you need a second to breathe during the work day. We're obsessed with the Showpad life.

5. ReMerge

ReMerge Oklahoma is a nonprofit that offers opportunities to high-risk, high-needs mothers who are facing non-violent felony offenses in Oklahoma county. Their mission is focused on keeping mothers with their families and communities by providing support and treatment programs. Upon graduation from the programs, these women are eligible to have their charges dismissed.  With warm wood tones and cool blue details, this space feels relaxed and homey. If you'd like to support the amazing work that's happening in this communal space, there are donation links at their website, as well as an Amazon wish list. If you're in the area you could also order cookies made by these moms at Catalyst Cookies. We love this space, and the work this organization is doing!

6. Home Chef

Home Chef is a weekly meal delivery service offering you food that fits your needs. You can take a whole online quiz to find out what kind of chef you are at their website. A company serving warm fresh meals needs a warm and fresh office space. Located in the old main post office building in Chicago, the whole interior is stunning. Designed by Interior Architects, this space features leafy green botanical textured walls and warm wood details. As a meal delivery service, of course they have a top notch commercial kitchen as well. We'd love to have a lunch break with the Home Chef team.

7. Meybohm Commercial

Meybohm Commercial is a real estate company in Georgia. The Meybohm Building's offices and communal spaces, designed by Cheatham Fletcher Scott Architects with TSW Architects combine industrial with traditional to make something delightfully new. The brick exterior is reminiscent of much older buildings, but then this interior is fresh and exciting, featuring an eclectic mix of industrial and modern touches. This building sits on The Plaza at Evan's Center a mixed use public private venture, which is walkable and features some lovely green space. It's a prime office location with so many great working area options.

We hope you enjoyed this round up of stunning offices. If you'd like to read more about office design, check out this blog on what we predict working spaces will look like post pandemic.