A Grand Rapids Chair Guide to Chicago Dining

Discover some of our favorite Windy City GRC installations.

By GR Chair

Restaurant dining space with black Ferdinand chairs.

Neocon, the highly anticipated event of 2023,  is quickly approaching, attracting enthusiasts of commercial furniture to gather in Chicago. Although Grand Rapids Chair will not be showcasing our collection in a showroom this year, our furniture can still be discovered adorning various local restaurants, becoming an integral part of the city's vibrant dining scene.

Where to Find Grand Rapids Chair

Private dining room with black Ferdinand Chairs.

Noble Thai: Modern Elegance with Authentic Flavors

For a blend of authentic Thai cuisine and contemporary aesthetics, Noble Thai is an excellent choice. Located at the corner of North Noble Street and West Chicago Avenue, this sleek and modern restaurant offers an impeccable selection of classic Thai dishes. From Pad Thai to their renowned "special" fried rice and Tiger Cry marinated beef, each dish is prepared with utmost care. Visitors not only praise the tantalizing food and cocktails but also appreciate the thoughtfully crafted interior design.

Proxi: A Culinary Journey for Discerning Tastes

Indulge in a sophisticated dining experience at Proxi, where Meyer Davis' elegant design sets the stage for a four-course feast. Chef Andrew Zimmerman, recognized by esteemed culinary institutions, offers a menu that tantalizes even the most refined palates. Green tea soba noodle salad, Szechuan braised lamb shoulder, jasmine rice congee, brown butter cake, grilled swordfish, and New York Strip Steak are just a few highlights from their exquisite selection. With its classy interior adorned with stunning floor tile details and mid-century-style lamps, Proxi provides an intimate ambiance, perfect for an exceptional fine dining experience.

Lonesome Rose: Southwest Flavors in a Stylish Setting

Nestled on California Avenue, Lonesome Rose brings a touch of Southwest and Mexican cuisine to Chicago. Whether you're visiting for brunch, lunch, or dinner, this restaurant guarantees a satisfying experience. Treat yourself to chips with salsas, guacamole, or various kinds of queso, indulge in a variety of tacos and burritos, and conclude your meal with delightful desserts like horchata soft serve or dulce de leche pie. Designed by Land and Sea Department, the space exudes approachability and openness, accentuated by bright natural light, dusty pink details, and tasteful accents of terra cotta and midnight blue. You'll be amazed that this beautifully transformed venue was once an old punk club. For a refreshing outdoor experience, don't miss the fantastic rooftop area.

As you explore the vibrant city of Chicago, don't miss the opportunity to visit these remarkable establishments that feature Grand Rapids Chair furniture. We hope this curated guide of Chicago's finest eateries enhances your Windy City experience.