A Grocery Store’s Saving Grace: The Groceraunt

Check out Whole Food’s 24-tap taproom, the indoor bar space that’s designed much like a downtown pub.

By GR Chair

Restaurant bar with Bentwood Stools.

There’s a lot of buzz happening in the world of groceraunts these days, specifically with Amazon’s most recent purchase of Whole Foods. With that acquisition, it’s clear grocers need to establish their relevance and importance to today’s savvy, time-sensitive shopper who can get almost anything delivered right to their doorstep. So, what’s a grocery store to do to increase sales and foot-traffic?Simply put, groceraunts. Many major grocery retailers have incorporated these spaces in their stores and are finding that, despite convenient online shopping, groceraunts are helping customers stay (and pay) a little more. To showcase a bit of what we’re talking about, take a peek at one of our “berry” favorite groceraunts, the Whole Foods of Uptown Dallas designed by CTA Group.

Beer and grocery shopping: a winning combination in our book. Offering a 24-tap taproom onsite, the indoor bar space is designed much like a downtown pub. Classic Bentwood Barstools and Chairs are placed along the bar and in the dining space, inviting you to enjoy a cold one. Rustic wood tables are perfectly paired with an autumnal plaid banquette. It’s warm, cozy, modern--not something you’d normally say about your neighborhood grocery store.

Moving to the top floor, diners can also choose from a plethora of indoor and outdoor seating options. Inside, you’ll find Sadie Chairs finished in Ink Black frames and a smooth Honey wood finish, an ideal combination with the durable and polished concrete floors and industrial finishes. Outside, citrus-hued chairs adorn the deck that overlooks the city. Each area provides the perfect perch for those looking to grab a quick bite to eat before loading up their cart.

Not looking to sit down? Take-out is available, too, offering both an in-store smokehouse and a brick-fire pizza oven. Although it’s a self-serve station, the register and display cases feature rustic wood paneling and steel accents, channeling your favorite barbecue joint.

Then, when you finally remember that you’re in a grocery store, you’ll be delighted with rows upon rows of colorful produce that’s organized in the most thoughtful, precise way. Like the eating spaces, industrial lighting and rustic wood elements keeps things feeling modern and clean while putting those fresh food options at the centerpiece.

The Uptown Whole Foods project is just one of the many gorgeous groceraunts continually popping up across the nation. It’s no surprise--as grocery stores continue to push convenient online shopping, it seems that the groceraunt might be the brick-and-mortar grocery store’s saving grace.