An Inviting & Industrial Brewery Design

Located in the Govalle neighborhood of Austin, Texas, this new brewery/restaurant is everything you could want and more.

By GR Chair

Restaurant floor with Reece Barstools.

If you live in Austin and don’t have any plans this Friday night, I think I may have the spot for you. And if you’re just a big fan of great interior or restaurant design, well, I also have the post for you.

I’m talking about The Brewer’s Table. Located in the Govalle neighborhood of Austin, Texas, this new brewery/restaurant is everything you could want and more. It features a menu brimming with beer ingredients. You’ll find dishes with touches of fermented and malted products like preserved artichoke dip or aged pork ribs with black beer vinegar—quite literally connecting beer and food. And of course, there’s lots of delicious, well crafted beer as well as a fully stocked bar.

Aerial view of Reece Barstools.

Designed by Austin-based A&D firm Design Hound, The Brewer’s Table design is a fresh take on the industrial design trend.

The building is a Quonset hut that was converted into the restaurant and brewery. So, naturally, it has these amazing architectural details like the curved ceilings that almost mimic the large Oak barrels used to store the beer. When I spoke to Allison Coon, lead interior designer at Design Hound, she noted that the design was meant to feel industrial with elements like wood, steel, and concrete. However, they also added color and pattern for added interest.

That they did. The Brewer's Table design features the color red as an accent. You can see it on the industrial-style counter stools as well as a perfectly placed stripe on the wall. Geometric black, white, and red tile draws your eye to the bar where bartenders and a sommelier tend to your brews, spirits, and vino. String lights glow from above. Glossy black banquettes line the back. It's quite a sophisticated restaurant and brewery design—and we love it.

Harvest table with Reece Chairs.

When you look up—and you will because of those amazing ceilings—you’ll see a second floor. This mezzanine features the matching industrial counter stools, long wooden communal tables, and a view of the entire restaurant. It’s a perfect spot for private parties or intimate get-togethers.

Industrial style, especially in breweries, can feel hackneyed or overdone. But here, it feels just right, balancing raw materials with punches of color and soft, curved architecture. It's inviting and fresh, and if you're close enough, soon to be part of your weekend plans.