Backless Barstool Inspiration: Our Best Projects Yet

Here are some of the best backless barstools installations that prove the humble stool can be the perfect seating addition to any space.

By GR Chair

Sally Bolt Down Stools with wood seats.

Ah, the humble backless barstool. It might not be as glamorous as a fully upholstered lounge or as stately as an all-walnut dining table, but there’s a reason these functional humble pieces are still in rotation.

With its small footprint and simple form, the venerable backless barstool has transformed from a diner staple to a design staple with the help of new shapes, bright powder coat colors, rich solid wood seats, and thoughtful fabrics. Here are some of the best backless barstools installations that prove the humble stool can be the perfect seating addition to any space.

1. Sally Stools in Jetties Waterfront Kitchen + Drink

Jetties, your favorite dockside hangout in Lake Arrowhead, California, or as I like to call it, “heaven.” Inside this lovely lakeside oasis, you’ll find a light and bright design that pairs perfectly with unpretentious dockside classics like burgers and fried chicken sandwiches. Aside from the Chris-Craft prominently displayed in the dining room, our favorite design element must be the simple gloss white bolt down Sally stools with the maple top. This area creates the perfect perch to have a summer beverage and fries after a sunny day of boating and relaxing on the lake. Like I said, heaven.

Sir Burly Barstools, Photography by Madeline Tolle

2. Sir Burly in Happy Money

Who said backless stools are limited to restaurants? Not us and not the offices of Happy Money, a new age consumer debt solutions provider. Whereas most financial brands can feel stuffy, Happy Money approaches their branding, website, messaging, and even their office’s interior design with approachability and friendliness. In their office café, designers of Rapt Studio selected the dare-I-say adorable Sir Burly in a sunny yellow. If there was one stool that personifies happiness, look no further than Sir Burly.

3. Brady Stools in Boss Rambler

Backless stools immediately make a space feel more casual and approachable. Case in point: the Brady Backless stools in Boss Rambler Beer Club. At Boss Rambler, their motto is “Good Time Beers. Inspired by Adventure, Enjoyed with Friends." The design perfectly echoes that ethos, incorporating color and casual seating like the Brady Backless to create moments of respite, joy, and fun. Brady is finished in a bright and zesty traffic yellow with a clear topcoat to let the Maple top shine.

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4. Hurdle Stools in Burgers 99

Last, but certainly not least, is Burgers 99 located in Los Angeles. The space is modern, clean, and minimal with just the right amount of color. Most of the architectural features are finished in white, allowing the furniture to be on full display. The Hurdle stool is a perfect choice for color as its simple a-frame shape, slender steel tubing, and white oak seat complement bright and bold color choices.

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