Everything You Need to Know About Our Tables In One Post

We’re recapping some of our most helpful and interesting table posts.

By GR Chair

Leather Harper Chairs with Spartan Tables

You may have noticed in our recent posts that we’ve talked a lot about restaurant dining tables. We’ve covered everything from how to care for wood tables to some fun facts about our processes. It was a lot of table information. We thought we would recap some of our most helpful and interesting table posts.

3 Table Mishaps to Avoid

From the warranty to the style, there are a few details that can get overlooked with choosing the perfect table. If you’re in the midst of selecting your tables, do your best to avoid these three mistakes.

The Shape of Things

From communal to round, each table shape matches a different purpose and vibe. Our post focusing on table shapes doesn’t just recap which shape works best in which space, it shows off some our favorite square, round, and communal tables.

Solid Wood Table Trends

When it comes to restaurant tables, you  just can’t beat a great, solid wood surface. Wood is versatile and can  create a traditional vibe or feel new and fresh.

While just using reclaimed wood as a table top may be on its way out, solid wood is still setting the standard for design when used in new and interesting ways. Revisit our post on the trends centered around wood tabletops.

We bet you didn’t know that all of our solid wood tables are stained by hand. . That’s why we compiled these facts about our solid tables. From how they’re made, to where we get the material, we couldn’t be prouder of producing quality wood tables for our customers.

Caring for Your Table

And, once you’ve committed to loving a solid wood table, make sure it lasts by applying these tips for caring for it.