International Menus & Modern Restaurant Designs

Find inspiration in some of our favorite instillation stories that express culture through color, materials, and furniture.

By GR Chair

Sadie II Chairs in restaurant.

From Latin to Asian and a variety of African cuisines and beyond, the ability to deviate from the traditional American fare is now just a short mobile search away. Better yet, the designs of these restaurants are exciting— weaving in their culture through color, materials, and furniture.
Here are a couple of our favorites:

Sadie II Chairs in restaurant.


Our Sadie Chairs make a striking statement in this casual Hong Kong dining concept. Inspired by a passion for food and a feeling of living the good life, the bistro uses traditional Hong Kong art and an eye-catching color palette to showcase their commitment to modern authenticity.

Please note: Sadie is no longer available, but Sadie II features the same design with smarter proportions.

Choolaah Indian BBQ

Our Brady Chairs complement this modern mix of wood, metal, and coppery hues. The colorful accents play off their "sanja chulha,” or community oven, which is also used as a design feature.

Brady Chairs in restaurant.
Chloe Chairs in restaurant.

Pollo Campero

The colors and metal artwork at many of the remodeled Pollo Campero’s locations showcase a modern Latin feel that resonates with guests, but doesn’t overwhelm the senses. With a menu heavily rooted in Latin America, Campero’s restaurant design draws customers in through the historically bold color palette partnered with clean lines.

Notice how our Mama Melissa and Chloe Chairs have ample proportions, helping customers feel more comfortable during their dining experience.

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