Introducing the Onesima Table Collection: Inspired by Nature — Designed to Nurture Connections

Explore the smooth lines, softer forms, and natural materials of the Onesima Table Collection.

By GR Chair

Onesima pedestal table collection.

At Grand Rapids Chair, we believe that furniture should do more than just occupy space. It should foster connections, inspire creativity, and create a sense of comfort. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our newest pedestal table line, the Onesima (O-nes-ima) Table Collection. With its smooth lines, softer forms, and inviting appeal of natural materials, the Onesima Table Collection is designed to bring people together.

Uncomplicated Simplicity

In today's world, environments that embody connectivity and togetherness are highly sought after. The design of the Onesima Table Collection is all about simplicity, rooted in the appeal of organic forms. The collection offers a variety of brand-new pedestal table shapes, including round, soft square, square, D-shape, and rectangle. No matter which shape you choose, Onesima tables bring warmth and a sense of inclusion to any space by purposefully softening every corner.  Whether it's an informal meetup or a peaceful moment alone, the Onesima Table Collection invites moments that nurture connections and promotes a sense of comfort.

Empowering Creativity

At the heart of the Onesima Table Collection is personalization rooted in organic shapes. That's why the Onesima Table Collection offers a range of material and design options to meet your specific requirements. For table tops, choose from solid wood in five species or laminate with exposed plywood or plastic edges, and a flat or refined knife edge profile. Whether you prefer the natural beauty of solid wood or the practicality of laminate, the choice is yours.

With over 150 powder coat options available, make Onesima truly unique by specifying different metal finishes for the table base and column. This option provides another layer of personalization.

In today's technology-driven world, staying connected is essential. That's why the Onesima Table Collection offers options for built-in power. You can keep your devices charged and within reach. No more searching for power outlets or dealing with messy cords—everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Discover the Onesima Table Collection

Onesima Pedestal Table

The Onesima Pedestal Table is designed to encourage connection through softer shapes and natural materials – perfect for dining and meeting spaces. Simple in design – yet rich in design options, Onesima Tables can be easily tailored. Choose from five organic shapes, multiple heights and sizes, solid wood or laminate tops, integrated power option and over 150 powder coat metal finishes.

Onesima Coffee Table

The Onesima Coffee Table is the perfect complement to any lounge setting. Available in 30” or 36” round tables, with or without power, the Onesima Coffee Table encourages connection in a relaxed and informal setting, making it the ideal centerpiece for any lounge area.

Onesima Laptop Table

Transform your lounge area into a dynamic workspace with the Onesima Personal Laptop Table. Designed to support work and provide flexibility with integrated handholds on the underside of the tabletop for mobility. Whether you're working on your laptop or engaging in a quick meeting, the Onesima Laptop is designed to elevate your experience.

The Onesima Table Collection by Grand Rapids Chair is designed to create spaces that prioritize connectivity, comfort, and personalization. With its smooth lines, softer forms, and natural materials, this collection fosters a sense of togetherness and warmth. Are you ready to start nurturing connections in your space? Find a Rep today!