Local Chairs Meet Local Brews

Find inspiration in some our favorite Grand Rapids brewery projects.

By GR Chair

Sadie II Chairs in industrial style restaurant.

It’s Beer Month here in Grand Rapids and what better way to celebrate than to take a seat in some local breweries across Grand Rapids? When you do, make sure to glance down and appreciate your seat. Because if you hit up any of the breweries below during beer month, you’re going to find one of our chairs. Let’s take a look.

Sadie Chairs at Knickerbocker restaurant.

The Knickerbocker - New Holland Brewing

Using a rustic combination of wood and metal, The Knickerbocker of New Holland Brewing sports our Indoor Sadie Chair in the main dining space. The earthy, monochromatic space celebrates craftsmanship through its furniture and architecture. We especially love this look as it lets New Holland Brewing’s expansive beverage menu and delicious seasonal fare shine through.

Founders Brewing Co.

Founders is a classic tap room that calls for a classic chair. They take beer seriously, so our steel Ladder Back Chairs are tough under pressure for the serious beer drinker.

Ladder Back Chairs at Founders Brewery.
Melissa Anne Stools at brewery.

Perrin Brewing Company

Perrin Brewing Company wants their customers to feel like guests in their home, so they’ve combined our Melissa Anne Chairs and Barstools in order to offer a world class experience right in your own backyard.