New Solid Wood Table Tops

See how design and function work hand-in-hand in our new table top options.

By GR Chair

Aerial view of Onesima Pedestal Tables

We’re so excited to begin offering four new stunning wood options into our standard table offerings in addition to our classic Maple top. These new wood tops include Hickory, Walnut, White Oak, and Mixed Woods.

We’re huge advocates of design and function working hand-in-hand, and that definitely holds true for our new table tops. One thing that we love most about these new wood tops is that it lets the wood’s natural beauty speak for itself, celebrating imperfections and unusual colorations rather than hiding them. That’s why you’ll see and feel rougher texture and dark knots in some pieces; wood is an organic material, and its quirks are what make it so engaging. Now, with the nuts and bolts taken care of, let’s dive into our beautiful new options.


Okay, so Maple isn’t exactly a new look for us. Our solid Maple restaurant table tops have been mainstays in our product lines for a while now, and it’s easy to see why: with its neutral, milky white color, the durable and versatile maple adds a touch of country warmth to practically any aesthetic, and lends itself well to a variety of different stains and finishes. We can’t get enough of Maple’s subtle, understated presence, and neither can our clients.

Hickory wood sample


Considered to be the hardest of the domestic hardwood species, the colors of Hickory move seamlessly from creamy whites and beiges to soft ash browns and leathery tones to create its distinctive “calico” appearance. Its exceptional durability and strength make it a more difficult species of wood to work with, adding extra wow-factor into our handcrafted table tops. Though Hickory works especially well in rustic designs due to its natural range of color and unique grain, it can be a great addition to any space for a layer of cozy charm.


For a wood that’s simply stunning, think Walnut. Walnut is prized for furniture and cabinetry due to its stately, rich brown color and strength. Its grain is tight, smooth, and straight, giving its color real depth, with some irregular waves and curls bringing out its natural beauty. It’s the perfect backdrop for sophisticated and elegant dining experiences.

White Oak wood sample.
Mixed Wood table top.

Mixed Woods

Our master craftsmen take boards from each of the species we use and layer them one-by-one to create a random new pattern for each table. The result is an eye-catching table top with delightful stripes of colors and textures for a dining space that really stands apart from the crowd.

So when can you expect to see these beauties in our product lineups? Our new solid wood table tops are debuting this spring—the perfect season for rustic vibes and design refreshes. To see each of the products in action, download our new Tables Brochure.