This Spring, Bring Your Inside Style Outside

Discover two great ways restaurants can use their furniture to seamlessly bring their inside vibe, outside.

By GR Chair

Red Sadie II Chairs on restaurant patio.

It’s the time of year that all restaurant-goers (at least those in the Midwest) eagerly anticipate - patio sitting time! A little sun and temps above 50 send patrons to their favorite patios to soak up the sun. In honor of patio season, we thought it apropos to share some of the best ways restaurants can use their furniture to seamlessly bring their inside vibe, outside.

Two easy ways blend both spaces is through consistency in furniture and complementing colors.

Row of black Sadie II Barstools.
Black Opla Stools in bar.

Consistent Furniture

Use furniture to blend a consistent style in both spaces. A simple, surefire way to do this is by choosing furniture that can be placed inside or out. Our newest addition, Opla, is a modern take on an outdoor chair using wire mesh and delicate steel tubing. To add even more flow,  use the same tables throughout.

Slow’s BBQ in Grand Rapids used this technique to blend their indoor/outdoor look. They used our Sadie Collection both inside and outside to blend the two spaces together. Even though the decor of the spaces were very different, the consistent furniture provided a much-needed branded continuity.

Complementing Colors

Another easy way to promote flow between indoors and out is through color.  Ideally, you want these two environments to complement, not compete. Our extensive color palette provides that flexibility.

Again, Slow’s brilliantly contrasts their black indoor Sadie Chairs and Barstools with their bright red outdoor Sadie Chairs.

Red Sadie II Outdoor Chairs.

The bold colors define their respective spaces, We love the bright red for the outdoor space -- helping call attention to their covetable patio space while adding vibrancy outside. A good tip for outdoor spaces: bright colors are sure to catch the eye of those walking by!

Restaurant patio with red Sadie II Chairs.

So, before that sun comes out and your patios fill up, why not use your furniture to set a consistent style across your indoor and outdoor space? And use a splash of color to offer contrast and to give each space it’s own unique look while drawing attention to your patio.