3 Reasons We Love This Modern Industrial Fast Casual

Explore gusto!, a healthy fast casual chain based in Atlanta, that has a modern industrial aesthetic but does so with a punchy twist using three key elements.

By GR Chair

Harper A- Frame Chairs with black shell and yellow legs.

It’s no secret that fast casual concepts often choose the modern industrial aesthetic because the materials (e.g. steel, wood, concrete) perform well in busy spaces. Sadly, the modern industrial aesthetic can (and has) become repetitive, even a bit underwhelming. That’s why we’re excited to show you a space with some serious design gusto—literally!

Enter gusto!, a healthy fast casual chain based in Atlanta, that has a modern industrial aesthetic but does so with a punchy twist using three key elements.

1. White Oak

We’ve said it here before; white oak is having a moment and we are INTO it. Unlike other pedestrian wood species, white oak feels more elevated. It has an iconic cathedral grain and natural buttery color that adds a richness to any space. White oak also has a fantastic natural texture, so it not only looks rich, but it feels rich, too.

In gusto!, we find white oak everywhere—on the tables, on the Half Hurdle chairs and Hurdle barstools, and on the wall paneling. It’s a material usually reserved for full-service dining, but when in a fast-casual space like gusto!, it warms up the concrete floors and minimal design. The sheer abundance is also a welcomed surprise—with white oak, more is definitely more.

2. Instagram-Friendly Touches

Restaurants would be silly not to think of incorporating social media into their space. It’s free advertising! And gusto! nails this. On one wall, you will find an uber colorful and eye-catching geometric mural. On the opposite wall, you’ll see a neon sign that reads “What’s your gusto?”. Aside from pure Instagram bait, they are both smart ways to inject color and personality into an industrial space.

Half Hurdle Chairs with white frame.
Harper A-Frame Chairs with yellow legs.

3. Mixed Seating

It’s typical to see industrial-inspired restaurants with open concept floor plans. While we love an airy interior, industrial spaces can feel too open, losing an intimacy needed for any restaurant. In gusto!, designer Lindsay Denman of Lindsay Denman Creative, specified multiple types of seating and tables in different heights, styles, and finishes. This helps minimize that open effect by defining seating areas and creating flow.

We love their eclectic yet coordinate  mix of modern barstools, minimal booths, communal tables, and funky chairs. Finishes are also varied, using a zesty color palette of yellow, mint, white, and dark brown and white oak.

What’s Your Gusto?

Fun fact: The term “gusto” refers to the flavorful sauces and fresh fruits and veggies customers can add on to their meal. But, as you can see, the gusto isn’t just reserved for the food. With the use of three key design ingredients, this fast-casual chain is serving us an interior with major gusto.