Brooke Barstools with Brooke Chairs in restaurant.

Creating Authentic Experiences at Knoxville’s Newest Restaurant, Celestina Mexican Crafted

Explore the restaurant design that blends warm, inviting tones and clean, contemporary lines.

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Row of unupholstered Brooke Chairs with Orbit Tables.

From Local Favorite to Magnolia Network Makeover — Olives Restaurant is a Blend of Elegance and Local Charm

In the heart of East Grand Rapids’ Gaslight Village, Olives Restaurant has undergone a Magnolia Network makeover that promises to elevate more than just aesthetics for this local favorite.

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Row of Alfred Barstools in coworking space.

Flexible Denver Coworking Space Designed for Connection and Collaboration

In response to an evolving modern workplace, Denver-based coworking space, TARRA, brings a new model of community building to the modern professional.

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Row of Ferdinand Chairs in restaurant.

Warm Monochromatic Washes and Contemporary-Inspired Comforts at South of Beale

Fall in love with the warm colors and plush furnishings that help to craft an inviting and friendly environment in this Memphis, TN restaurant.

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Row of brown upholstered Alfred Barsools.

Designing Unity in Detroit — Pophouse’s Approach to Transforming Rock Ventures HQ

Innovation, collaboration, and transformative design have converged to create the magnificent Rock Ventures Headquarters in downtown Detroit.

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Sally Barstools with Sherman chairs in restaurant.

Supporting Brand Identity with a Colorful, Yet Balanced Interior

Partnering with Jeremy Nelson of Little Box, Inc., Baba’s has transformed a once vacant building into an airy, modern Hummus House and mana’eesh bakery.

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Frankie Bar Table at restaurant.

Revitalizing the Phoenix Skyline — A Collaborative Interior Design Journey at the Punchcard Building

See inside the 18th floor of this iconic structure that has been transformed into a vibrant, modern space.

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Restaurant bar with black Sadie II Barstools.

A Contemporary Renovation Rooted in the History of the Pacific Northwest

Hear about the fascinating journey of crafting the brewery’s refreshed interior, weaving classic aesthetics with a fresh twist.

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Restaurant bar furnished with upholstered Sigsbee Barstools.

From Sea to Shining SeaGrille — Revitalizing an Island Favorite

See inside the local and seasonal favorite in Nantucket, Massachusetts has just gotten a facelift.

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Row of Alfred Barstools at cafe.

The Perfect Blend of Coffee and Literature

Fall in love with FRGMNT Coffee, a destination that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics.

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