Sally Freestanding Barstools in restaurant.

Embracing Biophilic Design — Transforming Spaces into Havens of Comfort and Connection

Learn about the biophilic design principles that have emerged as a driving force to elevating organic forms and natural elements to a position of prominence.

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Outdoor patio with Bowen Communal Tables and Bowen Benches.

How to Design Outdoor Hospitality Spaces

Find out how designer can successfully create multi-purpose outdoor spaces that inspire people to gather.

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Rita Lounge Collection with orange upholstery and white frame.

Benefits of Working Outside

The idea of working outdoors has been around for years, but new outdoor spaces are less about escape and more about supporting varied workstyles and human connections.

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Corporate outdoor space with Bowen Bench.

Newest Members of the Outdoor Family — Plus New Outdoor Materials!

Explore enhancements to our outdoor seating and outdoor table collections aimed to support unique workstyles and human connections paired with style and comfort. 

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Reece Barstools at restaurant base.

Slider’s Oyster Bar Celebrates Community and History Through Design

Explore the restaurant where locals and visitors alike can pull up their beach cruisers and enjoy a bite and a drink with friends.

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The Future of Outside Dining: Statistics and Trends in 2021

Explore some of our insights into leveraging outdoor dining spaces to create a safe and fun night out.

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Row of multi colored Hula chairs.

Can’t Be Tamed: Our New Outdoor Chair

Introducing Opla, a seating and table collection features a lightweight steel frame, a nostalgic wire design, an optional seat pad, and loads of color options.

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Rita Lounge Collection with yellow upholstery and pink trim.

Meet Rita: Commercial Lounge Seating with Residential Comfort

Designed by our friends at Filter Studio, this fresh new lounge chair is bringing maximum comfort and incredible durability in impeccable style.

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White Opla Stools with seat pad at restaurant bar.

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Fabrics for Commercial Furniture

Learn how to choose the best outdoor fabric for your commercial application.

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Row of multi colored Opla Chairs.

Our Best Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

In honor of the coming sunny months, we decided it was time to pull out our outdoor furniture.

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