5 Best New Brewery Designs

Find inspiration in five of our favorite modern brewery designs.

By GR Chair

Sherman Barstools with Brady Barstools.

There’s a new era of brewery design, and it’s a complete contradiction from the industrial aesthetic. Instead, think light, bright, comfortable—dare I even say “sophisticated”? You bet. Below are five of our favorite modern brewery designs.

1. Boss Rambler Beer Club in Bend, OR

With a motto of “Good Time Beers, Inspired by Adventure, Enjoyed with Friends," it’s no surprise that Boss Rambler Beer Club boasts an interior design that’s equally colorful and welcoming. Designer Mallory Torchio of Collective Designed used a mix of modern and playful steel and wood furniture powder coated in yellow, light blue, and terra cotta. Together, the palette pops against the crisp white walls and ceiling. The space feels more like a Cali cafe than a typical brewery.

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Multi colored Reece Chairs in brewery.

2. Nightshift Brewing at Lovejoy Wharf in Boston, MA

Night Shift Brewing at Lovejoy Wharf in Boston is an elevated yet casual take on the modern brewery. The impressive 9,000 square foot space has a little bit of everything: scratch kitchen, specialty coffee bar, a menu for experimental beers. But it's the unique and vibrant cerulean and citrus color palette that gets us going. Helios Design applied those hues to the modern, durable seating as well as the cozy upholstered booths. This all day cafe/brewery has a little bit of everything for everyone—and what could be more modern than that?

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Sherman Chairs in brewery.

3. Hacienda Beer Company in Milwaukee, WI

This Midwestern brewery expertly blends the industrial style with timeless architectural details and a fresh color palette. Custom millwork, serpentine booths, U-shaped bar, and weathered brick walls enrich the space while custom colored barstools and teal walls keep things trendy.

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4. Cold Beer in Atlanta, GA

Okay, so Cold Beer of Atlanta isn’t a brewery, but hear us out. Aside from having “beer” in the name, Cold Beer carries a similar ethos as our other selected breweries. Like Boss Rambler, Cold Beer was designed to be a place for guests to take in and enjoy the simple things. Light woods, tall ceilings, minimal furniture, and indoor/outdoor dining areas communicate that laissez faire feel. And what could serve as a better reminder to sit back and enjoy than a cold beer?

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Restaurant floor with Reece Barstools.

5. The Brewer’s Table in Austin, TX

Last but certainly not least, enter The Brewer’s Table in Austin, Texas. Design firm Design Hound created a space that’s both cool and sophisticated. In keeping with a brewery’s industrial aesthetic, they opted fpr materials like wood, steel, and concrete for the majority of the space. However, it’s the small details that we love. The striking red accent on the seating, the graphic black and white tiles, the string lights, and the abundance of plants soften and refine the space while still maintaining a modern vibe.

Products used: Reece chairReece barstool

Like a cool drink of water (or beer), these five spaces prove that breweries can and should consider modern design. For more gorgeous design roundups, take a look at these five stunning bars or our best installations from last year.