6 Inspiring Social Spaces

Find inspiration in six of our top social space installs.

By GR Chair

Harper Lounge Chairs in social space.

It’s no secret restaurants are our jam. Fast casual, fine dining, neighborhood pubs, cafes—we love them all. But, we also pride ourselves in creating products that are cross-functional and can be used in a variety of spaces. Recently, some of our products have found their way into “social spaces.” To us, social spaces are loosely defined as physical spaces where people gather. They're not entirely a restaurant, not entirely an office, not entirely a coffee shop, but a well-design blend. Social spaces are often “multimodal,”or where multiple activities such as eating, working, and playing take place simultaneously.

These six social spaces are not only functional, but they’re super pretty, and we knew had to share.

Harper X Base Chairs in corporate lounge.

SVL, Office + Lounge + Cafeteria

Open office or not, many workplaces now include social spaces to accommodate many work modes. Designed by Vela Creative, this offices of SVL feature a bright and airy cafeteria and lounge. For employees that want to grab a bite to eat, work in a comfy chair, or hold informal meetings, this space is for them—all done with modern sophistication. Vela Creative opted for a neutral palette accented with pops of blue and yellow. Concrete floors, fresh greenery, and a mix of seating keep this social space fresh.

GRCC products used: Harper X-base chair and Harper X-base barstool

Harper Lounge Chairs in social space.

Beauty Shoppe, Cafe + Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are becoming commonplace thanks to companies like WeWork and Regus. But another coworking company, Beauty Shoppe, has their own idea of coworking—and it’s one of social and community awareness. Beauty Shoppe’s director of design, Morgan Stewart says, “Beauty Shoppe feels very unique to the coworking space. We didn’t want it to be an exclusive club; that’s why our spaces include hospitality elements, so the public can enjoy them, too.” In Beauty Shoppe’s downtown Cleveland location, you’ll find a sweet and chic cafe and coworking space that’s used by employees and members of the community. We’re particularly drawn to their use of pastel colors and playful upholstery. Coworking that’s inclusive? Sign us up.

Products used: Harper X-base lounge and Brooke chair

The Drake at Midtown, Apartment + At-home Business Center

Social spaces can be found nearly everywhere—even your apartment complex. Enter Drake at Midtown, a luxury condominium and apartment housing center located in Lake Mary, Florida. Designer Angela Hinton of Kay Green Design was tasked with creating multiple social spaces within the clubhouse. Along with lounge areas and a full kitchen, amenities also include a business center complete with workstations, printing station, and meeting areas.

“With so many people working from home, the business center had to be somewhat of a flex space,” says Hinton. “We wanted to give residents the ability to work solo, collaboratively, or even host private business meetings.” Large wooden communal tables give residents the freedom to work how they please while a sophisticated lounge area makes the perfect spot for more private conversations.

Products used: Dylan communal tables and Andy lounge

Kroger, Grocery Store + Restaurant and Bar

Grocerarants, or restaurants within grocery stores, have been growing steadily since 2015. Despite the convenience of online grocery shopping and delivery, groceraunts are helping customers stay (and pay) a little more. One grocery chain that is in fully embracing the groceraunt trend is Kroger.

According to vinepair.com “shopping drives most of us to drink,” so it only seems natural to place a well-designed bar inside of their grocery stores. Genius. Their bar and barstools are finished with warm wood tones contrasting the bright white subway tiles. It’s modern and clean, and if you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t know you were in the middle of a supermarket.

Products used: Reece barstools

Rece Barstools at Bar in Kroger grocery store.
Andy Lounge Chairs without arms.

El Thrifty, Restaurant + Gaming Facility

For the ultimate social space, look no further than El Thrifty in Greensville, South Carolina. Known for their casual, fun atmosphere—complete with air hockey tables, couches, and pool tables—El Thrifty is the perfect place to sip cocktails and chow down on queso with a side of healthy competition. To match their playful ethos, El Thrifty uses hot pink and white barstools for their dining space. Games not your thing? No problem. El Thrifty also has lounge space perfect for casual conversations.

Products used: Andy loungeRoy occasional tables

Brightwave, Office Cafe + Meeting Space

Last but not least is the incredibly fun office cafeteria design by Office interiors. Similar to the design by Vela Creative, this office cafe offers employees multiple places to eat, drink, meet, and socialize. We can also see this social space as the perfect place for company parties and happy hours as the space is fitted with a full wet bar.