A Colorful Office Design: Inside Restaurant365 HQ

Check out this software company’s newly renovated HQ, featuring an abundance of color, material variety and modern finishes.

By GR Chair

Reece Chairs and Barstools at corporate hospitality space.
Move over boring, grey offices. This software company’s newly renovated headquarters offers an abundance of color balanced by a variety of materials and modern finishes. It’s certainly no snooze fest and a strong argument for why color is the perfect vehicle to unify and personalize a corporate space.

Restaurant365 is a restaurant management software company that recently upgraded their corporate digs in Austin, Texas. Designed by Tilt by Design and Source Creative Office Interiors, Restaurant365’s office features a branded color palette, modern finishes, and plenty of informal social spaces.

Color connects and distinguishes the large open office. Specifically, red is the predominant brand color, showing up on everything from file cabinets to couches to signage.

In the cafeteria, you’ll find a variety of industrial style stools finished in natural woods and dark red powder coats. In the lounge areas, you’ll see  bright red couches and upholstered booths. Conference rooms get the ruby treatment with subtle pops of color on the tables and barstools.

With such liberal use of red , Restaurant365’s office could easily feel overwhelming or cliched. Yet, Tilt and Source varied the color through fabrics, textures, and tones creating nuance and interest. Instead of using a single RAL or Pantone swatch, the brand’s color was interpreted through many hues, ranging from a bright coral to a deep Bordeaux. Modern finishes like concrete, steel, light woods, and greenery balance the punchy palette. Together, the office feels energized and dimensional—even a bit joyous and fun.

While we’re certain the all-grey corporate palette will continue to be used, we can only hope more offices use color as an opportunity to distinguish the space and provide a bit of joy for their employees. For more corporate design inspiration, check out these five hospitality-inspired office designs.