A New Type of Brewery Design: Inside Boss Rambler

Explore Boss Rambler, a bright and fresh soon-to-be brewery and tasting room located in Bend, Oregon.

By Mindutopia Dev

Sherman Barstools with Brady Barstools.

Think of your typical brewery. What does it look like? It might be dark with a heavy industrial vibe. Inside, there’s a modern mix of woodsy neutrals and steely greys. It’s a palette rooted in hand-made craftsmanship and hard-working materials.

But, amidst that popular utilitarian aesthetic, we also lose a sense of playfulness. Breweries are fun--shouldn’t the design be, too? Echoing that thought is Boss Rambler, a bright and fresh soon-to-be brewery and tasting room located in Bend, Oregon.

“Good Time Beers. Inspired by Adventure, Enjoyed with Friends."

Boss Rambler Beer Club officially opened its tasting room on April 20, 2019. Founders Matt Molletta, Kate Molletta, Jacob Bansmer, and Karen and Mike Altman wanted to create a space and a brand that exemplifies living life to the fullest. So, they turned to Mallory Torchio of Collected Design to make that dream a reality.

“The owners wanted a fun place for people to be drawn into and have a relaxed atmosphere and laid back feel. They pride themselves in having good time beers inspired by adventure, enjoyed with friends,” says Torchio.

You won’t find a single piece of galvanized steel or unfinished wood in this space. On the contrary, where conventional brewery design zigged, Torchio zagged. She went with white walls and natural wood tones. She flooded the bright white space with with color, using yellow, light blue, and the prettiest shade of terracotta. You’ll find pillows, succulents, hex tiles. Boss Rambler feels more reminiscent of a trendy LA juice bar than a Pacific Northwestern brewery.

Boss Rambler has multiple seating areas, defined by different types of furniture and color. There’s the typical bar and small dining table and chairs, but Torchio also uses a skinny communal-like table and minimal backless stools that are perfect for perching. Torchio continued the #goodvibes with two special lounge spaces.

“My favorite part of the design is the little nook. It was a leftover space that we weren't initially sure what to do with and went through many transformations. It has become an Instagram favorite and has really become its own special space. In my opinion, it ties the whole space together to anchor and unify the fun atmosphere with the breweries overall branding,” says Torchio.

Speaking of branding, the blocky, friendly typography and logo can be found on the back wall while an adorable merch wall is tucked into a corner. Every nook and cranny of Boss Rambler brims with personality and playfulness.

And while the design isn’t serious, it’s seriously good, delivering a palette that is in complete contrast of the brewery scene but completely true to the founders’ mission. With its bright and cheery attitude and design, Boss Rambler proves that design (and beer) is better when shared with friends. Cheers!