A Stunning Polished Casual Concept: Enter Lada

Fall in love with the glorious mix of soft colors and organic materials of this creamy yet contemporary Tex-Mex restaurant.

By GR Chair

Photography by Chase Daniel

Opla Outdoor Seating on restaurant patio.

It’s safe to say our jaws dropped when we saw the above image of our Leo chairs in Lada, a new Tex-Mex polished casual restaurant located in Far North Dallas.

Lada, a play on “enchiladas,” takes an elevated approach to the Tex-Mex staple, using high-quality ingredients and fine dining techniques to create their signature dishes. They promise to deliver an entirely new experience for upscale yet affordable Mexican cuisine.

While we could talk about the beloved enchilada all day (and we could), we know you are here for that scroll-stopping, Arch Digest-worthy design. Designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, the space is a glorious mix of soft colors and organic materials – creating a dreamy, comfortable, and contemporary atmosphere.

Leo Chairs in Restaurant.

That jaw dropping space above (and everywhere on your Instagram feed) is known as the family dining room. The pops of rosy pink and ocean blue paint accentuate the tall and curved ceilings. The floor uses a patterned tile that’s both modern and soothing. And last but not least, the center of the room holds a large curved wood communal table with backless rose-colored velvet stools to accommodate large group dining.  It’s simultaneously light-as-air and rich with detail. According to Lada’s Instagram, much of his design was inspired by traditional Mexican culture and architecture.

Leo Chairs in restaurant.

A Pared Down (But Not Plain) Dining Room

In the front of the restaurant you will find the main dining room. This space features a neutral palette of concrete floors, light wood booths with a pop of chartreuse seat, and simple yet modern Leo chairs in black with a grey fabric. It’s a pared down approach compared to the family dining room, but its simple forms and natural materials create a casual and comfortable ambience.

Opla Outdoor Seating on restaurant patio.

Not to be outdone, the outdoor patio takes cues from the stunning family dining room, using Opla armchairs in a custom shade of light blue with a delicious pink seat pad. It’s joyous, happy, and a place meant for casual sips and bites with friends.

Together, the three eating and drinking spaces create a wide variety of dining experiences – the best kind of juxtaposition. Sophisticated yet welcoming. Pared down yet interesting. Cool yet charming. Like their food, it’s everything good rolled into one.