Atlanta’s Brightest Restaurant Design: Recess

Check out Krog Street Market’s 14-seat stall with a healthy dose of pop color.

By GR Chair

Restaurant bar with Reece Barstools.

The coolest restaurant in Atlanta is not a restaurant. In fact, it’s a small 14-seat stall in Atlanta’s hot Krog Street Market called Recess. Recess is bursting with color and a healthy dose of  pop art. It’s a restaurant design that’s so well executed, you may find yourself specifying bold and bright colors, too.

Designed by Square Feet Design, Recess was inspired by the “vibrant and healthful California-style menu offerings, and the pop-art style of minimalist artist John Wesley.” The veggie-centric, “healthy-ish” food stall serves sandwiches, bowls, toasts, and even cocktails.

Craving Color

And when Square Feet Studio said “vibrant,” they weren’t playing around. Every inch of the tiny restaurant and bar is bursting with color: the wooden blue bar, the custom green bar top, the custom colored industrial barstools, the pink neon light, the styled shelves, and that fantastic art on the walls.

Pop Art

Similar to pop art, it’s playful, not stuffy. Nothing is taken too seriously—even the menu has personality—like the Bob Barley bowl or the Chick Flick sandwich. But, the overall design is seriously good.

It’s a sea of blues, greens, neon pinks, yellows, and whites. Everything is pulled together by the artwork hanging from the painted white brick walls. Created by Meredith Anne White, the art combines all of the colors in interesting, abstract, minimal shapes. Similar to famed minimalist painter John Wesley, White’s work is playful and purposely flat in texture and sheen. It gives the space personality and direction.

"It was incredible to see the space evolve from blank slate to full of color and play. The team at Square Feet Design allowed me to pursue work outside of my comfort zone, pushing me to create large," says White.

Recess masterfully blends color and art to create a one-of-a-kind space that's a feast for your eyes. If you're inspired to start using more color, check our our Color Finder tool for even more premium metal finishes.