Service Express Expands into a Fresh and Flexible Office Space

Find inspiration in an office designed to enhance collaboration, flexibility, technology, and sustainability.

By GR Chair

Alfred Barstools in collaborative space.

What a sleek new workspace! Service Express, a company that provides data center support solutions to over 4,000 customers, has expanded their physical presence with a new 80,000 square foot headquarters on Sparks Drive in Grand Rapids. Working with the architecture firm Progressive AE, this company has created a spacious and modern office that provides versatile environments for employee collaboration.

Ron Alvesteffer, the President of Service Express, stated that the pandemic was a major factor in imagining this office: “The COVID-19 pandemic inspired us to re-evaluate our physical environment in light of our growing headcount and take stock of the tools we need to work effectively in a changing world. The result is an office designed to enhance collaboration, flexibility, technology, and sustainability.”

We admire the steps this company has taken towards being more environmentally friendly in this renovation. They installed a dishwasher and sink in their office kitchen to cut down on single use plates and cutlery. All their K-cups are compostable and there are stations to refill your reusable water bottles. On top of that, lighting is LED and automated for maximum energy savings. They also contracted with as many local vendors as they could for this project, which is a sustainable practice that reduces a company's carbon footprint while supporting  the local economy. This isn't mass produced fast furniture either, which is often wasteful and toxic to the environment.

There are so many unique configurations of couches, booths, commercial chairs, and benches to work at, so you’re sure to find a place that suits you and your team’s needs. Small and large conference rooms, huddle rooms, hotel offices, tables out in the open, and tables tucked into quieter corners provide tons of options. Plus, you can shift around partitions and whiteboards to wherever they need to be. Paired with the state-of-the-art tech installed here, you are always set up for the perfect meeting.

The interior’s gray and cream palette include energizing bursts of bright warm color balanced by cool refreshing blue details. The orange steel and upholstery on these commercial stacking chairs really stand out. This is a not only a great environment for getting work done, but also an attractive social space for employees to come together and meet one another.

From a small data center maintenance company to having the international presence it does today, Service Express has certainly come a long way. We’re wishing them all the best as they continue rising together!

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