Smashburger’s Remodel is a Smash Hit: See the Fresh Design

Check out the new store layout features an updated design with a modern aesthetic.

By GR Chair

Sadie II Chairs in Smashburger restaurant.

Good news for the burger obsessed! Smashburger has a fresh new look and it’s ready to deliver more of their signature 100% Certified Angus Beef Burgers than ever before. With an aggressive growth plan, this fast casual chain has evolved the look and feel of its restaurants to create a more thoughtful, and elevated experience for its guests. Smashburger’s redesigned store locations are built not just for efficient service that anticipates the evolving needs of their on-the-go customers, but also to spotlight the brand’s obsession with the culinary process of burger creation with an open kitchen experience that allows guests to see Smashburger’s exceptional “smashing” culinary technique. 

The new store layout features an updated design with a modern aesthetic. Each restaurant prototype emphasizes an elevated dining experience with interiors celebrating their local city, with murals highlighting iconic landmarks in the metropolitan area, such as Times Square, Central Park, and more. There are many fun details in these images to admire while you sit in one of the sleek steel chairs at solid wood tables.

Smashburger restaurant with Sadie II chairs.

Since Smashburger’s inception, a majority of its business was centered around a dine-in model. Of course, customers are still dining in, but restaurants saw a shift in customer behavior in response to the pandemic. Taking a flexible and innovative approach to its digital transformation, Smashburger evolved to meet this new consumer demand for increased takeout options. This shift contributed to a 436.7% increase in digital and call-in orders.  

This wasn’t the only major shift Smashburger made in its store redesign. With an increase in takeout service, the physical restaurant design needed to accommodate digital ordering, too. Smashburger’s new restaurant model offers a more approachable dining experience through drive up or virtual drive-thrus, and innovative cubby systems that will keep food hot until customers drive up to retrieve their meals – creating a fully contactless experience. They also offer socially distanced outside seating, so customers can choose to dine in the spaces that make them feel most comfortable. 

Smashburger’s growth plan is well underway with these stunning remodels and a new focus on digital ordering, and they’re doing a smashing job. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this chain. Maybe it’s a location near you! 

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