Tin Lizzy’s Cantina Brings Vacation Vibes with a 70s Twist

This space is covered in delightful vintage inspired pattern that touches everything from the wallpaper to the upholstery.

By GR Chair

Photography by Heidi Harris

Reece barstools in restaurant.

With 9 locations across two states, you know something special is happening at Tin Lizzy's. Taking a modern approach to a design theme best described as 1970’s Americana, Tin Lizzy’s Cantina located at the corner of 12th and Crescent in Midtown Atlanta has plenty of unique details that make it’s look distinct like prints of surfers heading out to the ocean and huge neon art. This space is covered in delightful vintage inspired pattern that touches everything from the wallpaper to the upholstery. Keep scrolling to see more of this fabulous restaurant from the expansive patio seating to the long geometrically tiled bar.

Tin Lizzy’s traces its origin back to 2005, with its first location opening in Atlanta. The restaurant chain is owned by Southern Proper Hospitality, which has been named by FSR as one of the top 10 most powerful restaurant groups in the United States today. With 10 concepts under their belt, this restaurant group knows what they’re doing when they create a new space for people to enjoy, whether that’s a luxurious hotel or a popular restaurant like Tin Lizzy’s.

Designer Kim Fong and her team incorporated tons of whimsical details into everything from the use of materials to the art choices. One particularly striking detail is a neon sign in the shape of an enormous diver, mid dive, stretching vertically up the wall. She glows against a stone wall, casting a dreamy gleam onto the tables beside her. Other fun pieces of décor include a smiling portrait of Farah Fawcett, old rackets displayed for a leisurely vacation vibe, and the kind of sunhat you’d wear on a beach in a 1960s film romance hung beside framed vintage photography.

Pattern plays a huge role in the design as well, from the geometric lines of the bar front tiles to the pops of bold wallpaper. The booths wrapped in a soft brown plaid upholstery also feature tapered midcentury modern legs, pairing beautifully with the mixed-material industrial chairs in a warm deep wood stain.

We can’t ignore the stunning patio either, separated from the street by low walls that still allow for a bit of people watching from steel bistro chairs and wood benches while you sip a margarita and enjoy a bite to eat. Basket-like pendant lights hang overhead for a bit of extra light in the evening hours after dinner.

Their menu features a huge variety of dishes from Korean BBQ flavors to classic tacos. I'm obsessed with their list of skillets: try a rice-based shrimp skillet with peppers and a lime crema, or the "Hot Mess" tater tot based BBQ pork skillet. They also have a great list of margaritas and cocktails. If you’re a big fan of appetizers they’ve got some mouth-watering options: fried pickles, fried jalapeños, nachos, and tortilla soup to name a few.

If Tin Lizzy’s is sounding like an ideal option for dinner on your next night out, check out their locations on their website.

Shoutout to our reps at Joel Robinson and Associates for their work on this project with Southern Proper Hospitality Group. We can’t wait to see what they’re working on next! If you’re in Georgia, connect with JRA for great furniture and design resources!

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