Introducing the Latest in Restaurant Seating: The New Slim Sadie

Our Sadie II takes everything you loved from the original Sadie and offers a slimmer silhouette.

By GR Chair

If you’re hunting for a restaurant seating option that encapsulates durability and playfulness, Joey Ruiter’s latest design for our Sadie Collection is one you won’t want to miss. Our Sadie II takes everything you loved from the original Sadie (design, originality, mixed materials), and offers slimmer proportions. Sadie II’s new svelte silhouette perfectly meets the needs of a busy restaurant, while still offering the modern simplicity you crave.

Perfectly Proportioned

There’s a reason Sadie II has been nicknamed “Slim Sadie.” We strategically scaled back proportions—namely, a three inch reduction in overall width—to improve Sadie II’s overall performance. The reduction in overall footprint allows for better mobility and optimized space planning.

Restaurants can now use more seating to accommodate guests without compromising comfort or the original design’s integrity. The round wooden edges and crisp steel corners give the chair a striking view from any angle. The chair and barstool options use durable materials like Beech and powder coated steel. Add an upholstered seat for a myriad of looks. Sadie II is also available in a counter height barstool.

Set of three Sadie II chairs with natural wood.

Enhanced Safety & Serviceability

Another enhanced feature of Sadie II includes improved serviceability of its parts. Often, dings and dents to wood and steel chairs can come from the most unlikely of places (think a diner's car keys placed in his back pocket or knicks from an unfolded steel serving stand), causing noticeable damage. That’s why the Sadie II’s channels are now routed on the underside of the wood so a frame can fit perfectly into the grooves. This engineering feature makes replacing dinged or damaged seats a back a breeze. Additionally, the improved channels also reduce any potential for pinch-points between the seat and the frame of the chair.


Like the original, this new restaurant seating option offers 27 powder coat colors and 16 wood finish options that make it easy to cater this restaurant seating to each unique space. Additionally, this collection comes complete with a 10-year standard warranty.

The Sadie II Collection, made of an indoor chair and barstool, is available to order now!

Sadie II Indoor Collection.