Meet Rita: Commercial Lounge Seating with Residential Comfort

Designed by our friends at Filter Studio, this fresh new lounge chair is bringing maximum comfort and incredible durability in impeccable style.

By GR Chair

Rita Lounge Collection with yellow upholstery and pink trim.

Designed by our friends at Filter Studio, this fresh new lounge chair is bringing maximum comfort and incredible durability in impeccable style. With a gorgeous steel frame that features a little bend in the seat for just the right amount of give, you're sure to feel right at home relaxing in the Rita Lounge. Let's talk about what makes this seat so dreamy.

1. Indoor AND Outdoor Use

Fancy going outside for a chat? Many social spaces like restaurants are expanding their outdoor seating in response to COVID-19. Rita was built to withstand the elements, so it's just right for this increasing demand. Rita can look gorgeous on the patio, balcony, or poolside, while still being soft and stylish enough for a cozy ancillary space.

Of course, with the outdoors comes the threat of water, but there aren't any opportunities for it to collect in the frame with Rita's open design. Ample space below the arms and between the steel tubes under the seat cushion allows water to drain right through. And the weight of the steel will keep it from blowing away.

The cushions are super easy to pull off for storage if some particularly bad weather comes through, but you won't have to worry too much about the cushions in the rain. The foam inside is made from Outdoor Grade Dri-Fast Foam, which has large open cells that allow for more airflow than other foams for quick drying. Plus, it's anti-microbial.

2. Easy to Clean

The same openness of the steel frame that allows water to drain easily also makes it super simple to clean. There are lots of areas for crumbs to collect in a cushioned lounge seat, but with the open arms and easily removable cushions, any debris can be shaken off with ease. Attached with Velcro straps to the frame, there's no fuss when it comes to placing cushions back on the seat.

If you use Sunbrella Outdoor Grade Fabric, we have a guide here that will teach you how to keep the cushion fabric fresh and stain free! There's also instructions for cleaning the powder coated frame, table, or arm caps. We also know choosing the right fabric can be difficult, so we have a guide to outdoor grade fabrics that features some of our favorite outdoor patterns.

3. Residential Comfort With Commercial Function

When we interviewed the team at Filter Studio, designer Tim Stoepker discussed how important comfort was when imagining Rita. “When I think of commercial grade stuff, a lot of it is pretty hard and crisp,” said Stoepker. “When you think of a comfortable couch at your house, it has a little extra poof to it and a little different tailoring. We wanted to have that kind of soft inviting feel to Rita.”

The durable steel frame features generous corner radiuses that soften the hard metal. A subtle bend in steel bars beneath the seat provide a relaxing give in the cushions, which are plush and thick. It sounds like you could fall asleep in this chair, but with a slightly more upright shape than other lounges, you can be relaxed while still not getting totally sucked down into the seat.

It's a great chair for a conversation, for a short rest, for a nice drink, AND for getting some work done. Rita is multi-use and excellently balances leisure and business.

Patio with upholstered Rita Lounge Chairs.

4. You Have Options!

This lounge chair comes in two designs: the standard Rita Lounge or the Rita Lounge with arm caps.

The standard Rita Lounge Chair can be ordered as is, or you can order a separate, easily attachable, 10 inch round table that sits right at the end of the arm. The table attaches to either side of the frame with a steel arm, and it's perfect for items like a phone, a drink, a journal, or even a laptop.

The second design, the Rita Lounge with arm caps, also provides a bit of room for resting a phone or other objects by widening the arms.

Once you've chosen your Rita Lounge configuration, you can personalize the chair with your choice of fabric, steel powder coat color, and if you chose the arm caps or table, their finish. With your choices, Rita can become a whole new lounge, made just for you.

If you want to learn more about Rita, check out the product pages for the standards Rita Lounge Chair and the Rita Lounge Chair with Arm Caps.